Painting by one of the Factory Mark artists


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Factory Mark is an art gallery that lives inside an ad agency.

Why? Two reasons. Inspire the agency to do great work. And enable artists to fully express themselves.

As art galleries go, we’re different. We’re dedicated to empowering emerging and re-emerging artists. We work closely with artists to help them choose which art gets shown, and apply our knowledge and experience to ensure it looks great in the space. What’s more, 100% of the proceeds go to the artists themselves, or to the organizations they care about.

Like what you hear? Love what you see? Keep listening and watching. There’s much more to come.

Image of Factory Mark Gallery before the grand opening


Grand Opening of Factory Mark Gallery
Image of a harpist at the Factory Mark Gallery grand opening
President, Bob Fields having fun with the band at the grand opening of Factory Mark Gallery
Guests at the Factory Mark grand opening having some fun drawing on one of the columns at CommCreative
Guests posing for the camera at one of the Factory Gallery Mark openings
Guests enjoying themselves at the Factory Mark Gallery grand opening