Photography became a significant part of my life by accident. Growing up, I loved to paint and draw but never photographed. I earned a degree in Fine Arts and focused on painting and drawing in college, but I rarely practiced photography. I took my first photography class in 1994 but still did more drawing and painting than taking photos. It wasn’t until I had an iPhone that I began to take photography seriously. I was fascinated by the clean, crisp lines of architecture, and first photographed buildings and cityscapes. It was by accident that I realized I could take candid photographs on my iPhone without anyone knowing. I am interested in grabbing a moment of someone’s life when they don’t realize there is a camera on them.

My photos reflect the work I have done in advertising and as an art director. They often have a strong sense of composition, lines, and negative space where one can imagine inserting typography. Actual advertisements and artwork often serve as backdrops. Pictured along with people, they demonstrate themes of juxtaposition and similarity while sparking interest in a viewer.