My work strives to visualize and create a method for understanding recent scientific findings related to known climate change effects, like the melting of sea ice. Using artificial materials to represent real landscapes, I interrogate the history of science and art by drawing upon technologies and methods of representation from multiple points of history.

At its core, my work is about inquiry, the ever-evolving process of investigation through both scientific and artistic means. I use the specific ecosystems as microcosms to study what is happening on a global scale and as a case study for learning how to represent scientific information in an art installation. I am interested in questioning our relationship to natural spaces through technology, and how the artificiality of the physical world in the Anthropocene contributes to our experience and understanding of climate change.


  • Isabel Beavers Artic and marine diatoms plexiglass, digital prints on transparencies made from scanned oil paintings on vellum
  • Isabel Beaver artwork from her Artic Lab project
  • Isabel Beavers painting of sea ice algal communities using oil, pencil, canvas, and birch plywood
  • Isabel Beavers work from her artic sea ice algal communities project using oil, canvas, and birch plywood
  • Isabel Beavers watercolor painting of artic diatoms
  • Isabel Beaver digital photograph of The Color of Light In the Artic