My work is about time: my relationship with it and an exploration to how one categorizes and marks their own time. My paintings are a reflection of my experiences remembered and are imbued with a sense of atmosphere and contemplation. With my works, I invite prolonged viewing and encourage the audience to have an experience that is unique to them.

The title of my show in the Machine Shop Gallery is “Imagined Landscapes.” The paintings represent atmospheric dreamscapes, referencing interior and exterior architecture. They are based on deconstructed industrial objects, such as trucks, trains, and broken windows.

About the artist
Kathryn Gearon has been a painter for almost 20 years. She has a BFA in painting from Rhode Island College and will receive a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University in the spring of 2018. Throughout her career as a professional artist, she has taught a variety of art classes, curated gallery shows, and been a board member for multiple local art institutions.