Artist Statement

At the intersection of object, place, memory, and spontaneity, my work is a visual index of my daily encounters with the world. An intuitive and playful process, I like to be in constant motion, moving from one work to another and back again. Unrehearsed composition and editing as I create are the essential components of my artistic process, as it allows me to incorporate past experience with present intrigue.

Inspired not so much by the reality of place and object, I am rather concerned with the properties inherent to the things I observe while wandering through life. Much of my work is necessarily interdisciplinary, including drawing, sculpture, and performance with a strong foundation in painting. I seek to find the essence of objects and am compelled to echo their impression, perpetuate their moment of influence, and bring them into a new reality.

Artist Bio

After a successful career in the business of creativity, Lisa is a current Master of Fine Arts candidate at the University of South Florida. She received her BFA in 2017 with honors from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts, Boston, MA. In 1996, Lisa co-founded CommCreative, a digital and traditional marketing agency, where she was the Agency Principal until 2018. It is now a 45-person, full-service international advertising agency with clients such as Bose, GE, Johnson Controls, and RSA Global Cybersecurity Conference.

Lisa founded Factory Mark Gallery in 2016, a contemporary art gallery for emerging (and re-emerging) artists where 100% of the sales go directly to the artist. It has enabled over twenty local artists to show a diverse body of work, and has connected passionate creatives outside of the art scene to contemporary discourse. Lisa has had her work shown in multiple group shows throughout the greater Boston area, including AudioArt and the Kingston Gallery. She has sold to many private and corporate collectors, and has produced a number of commissions. Although primarily a painter, her work as a contemporary artist includes drawing, sculpture, and performance art.