Matthew Moloney is a Boston-based studio artist inspired heavily by the abstract expressionism movement, as well as the Lascaux cave paintings from 20,000 years ago. Moloney’s oeuvre consists of large works on often unprimed, raw canvas. For the past five years, he has explored a wide variety of mediums ranging from painting, printmaking, and photographic processes. As a figure in the NEW RENAISSANCE movement, Matthew creates and sells his work out of his Boston studio, unapologetically named “The Dungeon.”

Moloney studied entrepreneurship at the University of Massachusetts Boston in the School of Business Management and co-founded FilterGrade, an online marketplace for digital creators, with his brother, Michael Moloney. Since 2016, the brothers have paid out millions of dollars to creators, served countless users, and helped support the creative entrepreneur community. Now diving into his art practice full time, Matthew Moloney spends his days bouncing around Massachusetts, working at various art studios with friends and collaborators, furthering his craft through mediums of film, paint, printmaking, and more.