Eye of an ad man. Heart of an artist.

I capture the majority of my shots during my commute to and from work. In fact, I often see a shot coming together as I approach a scene. I could be on a train. Walking down the street. Or just moving through a subway. Regardless, the process starts the moment I spot an interesting character framed by a visually pleasing background. Preferring candid, honest depictions, I capture most of my photographs subtly, so the subject is unaware of—and uninfluenced by—my presence.

Inspired by the work of Bill Cunningham, Joel Meyerowitz, and other classic and contemporary street photographers, I blend my appreciation for authenticity with an unlikely background in advertising and art direction. By that token, I am not a photography purist. I come from a world where it is my job to distort perception, and with that comes a skill set of composition, editing, and postproduction, all backed up with an eye for beauty—and a decent sense of timing.

Ultimately, my hope for a photograph is that the viewer be unable to pass by. Instead, I want them to slow down, to experience the same magic that attracted me to it in the first place.




Bob Pirrmann was born in New York and earned both his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from St. Michael’s College in Vermont. Later he went on to study Art Direction at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta before moving to New York City to begin a career in advertising. It’s there that Pirrmann discovered his affinity for street photography, amassing his prolific—and growing—collection of photographs.