Bazett’s work is about the organic, the geologic, and construction of history. Her work is related to landscape over time. The thread throughout her work is abstract dialogue formed between the daily contradictions and polarities Susan experiences. Information is located and layered, represented and hidden at a three-dimensional reference.

Susan Bazett has exhibited at Harvard University South Asia Institute, SMFA Boit Award, Silver Lake Gallery, Bow Street Gallery, New Art Center, Decordova School, and Laney College. All proceeds made during the course of this show will be donated to helping African wildlife, communities, and education.

The contradictions and polarities I experienced both in the day-to-day and in the painting process help in generating ideas. As an abstract painter, I try to maintain a dialogue with the surface of the picture. My work is related to landscape over time. Information is located and layered, represented, hidden, complicated, hinting at a three-dimensional reference. My work is about the organic, the geologic, the construction of history. My artists are Phillip Guston, Cy Twombly, Julie Mehretu, James Tuttle.

What has come before nourishes the present. It is the scaffolding we stand wobbling on, trying to see a future. Although America is in love with the easy and the quick (Yes, even I love the iPhone and iPad.), in my art, I am not interested in the Obvious. I am interested in the mark or brushstroke that has meaning as language or carries emotional content because of its stroke. The messages from the past that we try to decipher.

My paintings on vellum are not obvious, and ask the viewer to slow down to take time and meditate on the hidden meanings of languages lost and found, to love the unfamiliar, and to let the eye enjoy the partial message, the lost pieces of Histories. From the cave paintings to the present. If you are not willing to meditate on the unknown, the knowledge that lies hidden over thousands of years, or why a mark is identified as a word by some people and just a mark by others, then my art is not for you. Go see some Andy Warhol. My artists are Cy Twombly. Julie Mehretu. James Tuttle.


  • Susan Bazett with one of her paintings that she created for Factory Mark
  • Susan Bazett
  • Susan Bazett painting
  • Susan Bazett
  • Susan Bazett landscape with Tender Sentiment
  • Susan Bazett
  • Susan Bazett Ceramic Painting Pot