My current work attends to the cultural history presented in—and represented by—the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, relative to the natural history of its setting in the Fens. The series depicts an uncanny existence of native, displaced, or invasive Fens species within the human-built and human-occupied structure of the MFA.   This imagined cohabitation addresses reinvention of environment, and edited recording/retelling of historical events, by people and their institutions.

As a painter, I construct narratives juxtaposing our societal assumptions of preeminence with the prerogatives of the animal and plant life we encounter. Oil on canvas provides a material and visual language associated with centuries of humanity’s creation, mediation, and dissemination of chronicled storylines. Choice of this medium for the present group of works enables the form of expression to reflect their thematic content.


  • Susan White Brown's oil and canvas work inspired by the cultural history presented in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.